Are you planning to do your Fertility treatment in Colombia ?

With us you can make your first fertility consultation from the comfort
of your home

I In order to give you comfort starting this beautiful process of looking for a baby through a fertility treatment, you can have your first consultation virtually from home. There our specialist will contact you virtually to provide you with information on the procedure and budgets according to your needs.

1. Confirm with the Dejando Huella call center the dates for your trip and schedule your visit. It is also very important that you confirm the status of the flight with the airline.
2. Investigate with the Government of your country the restrictions regarding
mobility and travel abroad. Hit will depend on this that you can schedule your trip to Colombia without inconvenlodging

3. Book your lodging and transportation in Colombia before traveling. This way you will have a more comfortable and calm arrival in our country.

At Dejando Huella you can find support with the logistics of your trip; If you are
interested, write to us at comercial@dhfertilidad.com and we will be happy to help you. Colombia opened its borders for international travelers in 2020, however, you must
confirm if the cities you are traveling to have open airports and if there are no changes
in the regulations.

Ask us about your case and we will answer you by email soon

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1. The day before your trip (24 hours before), you must carry out your “Check-Mig” through
the website of the Colombian Migration Department at migracioncolombia.gov.co (Click here to see step by step). Have at hand your flight number, the name of the airline that transports you, the reason for your trip and the place of accommodation to fill in the fields that will be requested.

2. As of December 2021 and until further notice, all international travelers the age of 18 must present a vaccination card against COVID-19 with a complete schedule at the
entrance to the country.
3. Use face mask, remember that it is mandatory to use it throughout your trip.


  1.  Remember that we are located at Carrera 48 # 19 A – 40 Torre Médica Ciudad del Río. Office 1308 Medellin.
    2. We recommend you request transportation from the place where you are staying. We have hotels close to our location.
    Write to us at comercial@dhfertilidad.com if you want information about the different packages that you could access for being our patient.

Preservation of Male Fertility​

What does it consist of?

Is that you can preserve your sperm in perfect condition. Factors such as the clinical situation mean that the reproductive capacity of men can be considerably reduced. We may be able to preserve fertility when you need it. The preservation of male fertility is simple thanks to semen freezing.

When to preserve my fertility?
Men who need to undergo cancer treatment or similar that can reduce or annul their reproductive capacity, the conservation of spermatozoa is so that their characteristics remain unchanged over time and therefore be able to use them in the future.
How do we preserve your fertility?
The preservation of spermatozoa allows them to be kept in an optimal state at a temperature of -196°C and preserved in liquid nitrogen for future use.
How long can sperm stay frozen?
All the time needed. Conservation is a very safe process that guarantees the viability of the spermatozoa without the passage of time affecting its quality; This is done in order to preserve its characteristics

Preservation of Female Fertility

Why should you preserve your fertility?

From 25 to 35 years of age, the reproductive capacity of women drops by up to 50%; In addition, factors such as genetics, lifestyle habits or the clinical situation mean that this can be considerably reduced. Currently, thanks to advanced cryopreservation techniques, science makes it possible for us to preserve fertility without the passage of time running against us. For this reason, if you have always wanted to be a mother, but the ideal moment has not yet arrived, you can go to this option.

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How do we preserve your fertility?
Egg retrieval is a simple, fast and practically painless process. After the follicular puncture, the eggs are vitrified in the laboratory at a temperature of -196°C and preserved in liquid nitrogen.
How long can eggs stay frozen?
All the time needed. Vitrification is a very safe process that guarantees the viability of the ovules without the passing of the years affecting their quality.

Artificial insemination

What is artificial insemination?
It is the introduction of semen, previously trained, into the uterine cavity. Previously, the woman is prepared with drugs that increase ovarian production. After causing ovulation, the semen is injected directly into the fundus of the uterus, thus shortening its passage through the female genital organ.

This treatment is aimed at patients who present any of the following conditions:


Pregnancy rates after IVF-ICSI treatment are around 50%, confirmed with a positive heartbeat. In any case, they depend on the age of the woman and the possible concurrent causes that have determined the indication for treatment. Results also vary depending on the number of embryos transferred. The risk of miscarriage, once the pregnancy is achieved, is the same as in a natural pregnancy; Something similar occurs with fetal alterations, which are similar to those of pregnancies achieved without medical help.

In vitro fertilization

What is In Vitro Fertilization?

It consists of the fertilization of the ovum with the spermatozoon outside the woman’s body, which is later introduced into the uterus to achieve a pregnancy. For this, an ovarian stimulation guided by the infertologist is required, in order to obtain several ovules that will be extracted by follicular aspiration from the ovary. This procedure is performed in the laboratory and is assisted by embryologists.

In Vitro fertilization can be given from the following cases:

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